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We are excited to announce some of our new MICHA class's coming this fall. 


Lash glaze is a semi permanent mascara that will offer clients the Mascara look with no effort in the morning. It will last 2-3weeks before having to be touched up. This service is perfect for clients who don't necessarily like having extensions or are looking for a faster way to get ready in the morning.


Lash Lifting is a lash perming service. This will last up to 8 weeks. Give your natural lash's the lift they deserve to look beautiful.

Dates and prices to come shortly.

Model have both lifting and glazing on her lash's

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We are proud to present you our new web site. It is more modern and more functional. We also want to invite you to follow us on Facebook to stay informed about our services, offers and news.

We are pleased to announce that our renovations are finished!!! The new school year starts soon and our building is getting a makeover. Pictures coming soon.
Are you looking for a brighter future in the beauty industry. 

At JonRaymond Institute we offer small class's and one on one training for your education and learning capabilities. With our adequate teachers we offer one of the best education in the province. Our class's only start once a year so everyone is on the same learning path.

Apply now or call 857-9840 for more information on our programs

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Our regular classes start Tuesday September 5th 2017
Jon Raymond Institute is now offering microblading courses to already certified Aestheticians and Eyelash/Brow technician. 

This is a three-day course that covers all of the theory and practical skills needed to successfully master everything to do with Microblading.

The instructor will provide a step-by-step demonstration of the Microblading technique on a live model. Students will gain hands-on practice on artificial skin and on live models.

Artista Brows by MICHA's Microblading Course covers:
-Brow design methodology
-Eyebrow measurements
-Correct Brow Placement
-Skin Composition
-Colour Theory and Colour Mix
-Blade Choice and Usage
-Microblading Technique with Hand Tool
-How to prevent Fading
-How to prevent and make corrections
-Health & Safety Review
-Infection Prevention & Control
-Sterilization & Disinfection

Do you like challenges?  You want to pass on your passion for aesthetics and / or hairstyling to the next generations? Join a dynamic and passionate team!  As we have available teaching positions, Jon Raymond Institute is the perfect place to achieve your career goals.  For more information, we invite you to contact us by phone at  506-857-9840 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Institute has a brand new look!

We are happy to announce our renovations are coming to an end and we are more than happy with the final product! Our Institute is now modern and fresh for all of our upcoming projects.


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We are proud to announce the start of our new program: Specialized Aesthetics. Starting September 2016 our students will now be able to learn about Specialized Aesthetics with our five NEW piece of equipment. We will offer a series of specialized class’s in order to offer flexible learning programs to our students.

Are you new to the Aesthetics world and are enrolled in our regular Aesthetics program?

You can add Specialized Aesthetics to your regular program for a total of 1475 hours

You would like to request information about our programs or our school? Here’s how to reach us:

Telephone: 506-857-9840
Toll Free: 1-877-857-9840

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Why choose L'Institut Jon Raymond ?

L'Institut Jon Raymond is the province's first bilingual Hairstyling & Aesthetics School and it’s considered one of Canada’s top beauty schools!