Since we began offering bilingual hairstyling and aesthetics education in 1974,  L'institut Jon Raymond has gained worldwide recognition as one of Canada’s top beauty schools.


Our partnerships with leading brands such as Make Up Forever, Matrix, Laboratoire Dr Renaud, CND, Pivot Point, Silhouet Tone, and MICHA Lashes not only gives us access to the latest products and beauty technology, but offers our graduates potential career opportunities in spas, specialized boutiques, prestigious hotels and even aboard cruise ships.


Additionally, our instructors are working professionals who contribute practical wisdom from the TV/film industry, salons, spas and numerous other sectors.


We believe in the valuable combination of theoretical knowledge and real-world experience. Our students have the distinct advantage of applying what they learn in the classroom to client services such as facials, massages, hairstyling, waxing and manicures. Put your skills to the test and join us today.


About Us

Our Team

Mrs. Claudette Guimond

Director of L’Institut Jon Raymond / Aesthetics Instructor


Claudette graduated from L’Institut Jon Raymond in 1996. In 2006, she became our owner and director following a 10-year career in aesthetics. During her time as a salon and spa owner, Claudette trained under international names such as Repêchage, Matis and Yonka. Her dedication to the beauty industry is second to none.

Mrs. Nancy Leger

Aesthetics Instructor


Nancy graduated with a diploma in aesthetics from L’Institut Jon Raymond in 1982. After working in various aesthetics fields, she returned to the Institute in 1995 to begin her teaching career. Nancy provides training in areas such as F1 Diode Laser, ND-YAG Laser, Lightsheer Laser and Microdermabrasion.

Ms. Alesha Miller

Aesthetics Instructor


Alesha Miller received her aesthetic diploma with honors in 2011 from L'Institut Jon Raymond and has since been gaining experience and education from spas in the Moncton area. Ms. Miller has a true passion for the aesthetic field and everything surrounding it. She loves to continue to learn as she feels you can never receive too much education in the beauty industry. Being able to share her education with the aesthetic students at L’Institut Jon Raymond is a goal she has always aspired to achieve.

Mrs. Shelley Stables-Lemay

Hairstyling Program Instructor


After graduating from the Institute in 1985, Shelley worked as a professional hairstylist at the Jon Raymond beauty salon until 1993, when she began her teaching career. To perfect her technique, she has taken many professional courses including the Master Judges Program and the Pivot Point Scientific Approach Certified Instructor Course in Color, Cut, Texture and Long Hair (Up-Do).

Ms. Marie-Claude Bernard

Hairstyling Instructor


In 2006, Marie-Claude chose to pursue her lifelong passion for hairstyling at L'Institut Jon Raymond. Since then, she has worked for reputable establishments such as Picasso Salon and Beauty Work, and had the opportunity to study advanced cut techniques at the prestigious Pivot Point Academy. Marie-Claude has also been a contestant in the ABA Hair Show for 2 years running.

Ms. Taralynn Donaher

Hairstyling Instructor


Ms. Donaher graduated from L'Institut Jon Raymond with honors in 2012 and went on to achieve the highest theory marks in the province for her year at the Cosmetology Association of New-Brunswick.  She began her career as a hairstylist at Mastercuts and attended all learning opportunities offered to her in coloring techniques, technical cutting and updos.  Becoming a teacher has always been her objective and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and her passion for hairstyling with the students.

Ms. Stéphanie Doucet

Recruiting Agent & Business Administration


Stéphanie’s passion for the beauty industry led her to pursue her post-secondary education at L’Institut Jon Raymond. After graduating in 2013, she took on the role of recruiting agent and business administrator. Stéphanie is proudly continuing her education in hopes of one day fulfilling all her dreams.

Ms. Isabelle DesRosiers

Reception / Administration


Ms. DesRosiers has over 25 years of experience in business administration, accounting and customer service. In March 2010, she joined L'Institut Jon Raymond’s team in the administration department and is responsible for student admission, student loans. Training in Management, human relation and retail.

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