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Louise Durepos, Clinique Bozébel,

Laser and Aesthetics

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate L’institut Jon Raymond on winning first place in practical training from the CANB for its 2010-2011 aesthetics course. As an aesthetician and owner of a paramedical aesthetics clinic, I am excited about this achievement because it upholds everything I believe about L’institut Jon Raymond. I have hired aestheticians from a number of schools, and I can confirm that under the leadership of Claudette Guimond and her team, L’institut Jon Raymond ensures that its students graduate with the highest levels of professionalism, passion, knowledge, experience and education. I hire students coming out of the aesthetics program at L’institut Jon Raymond because I know that the aestheticians I am hiring will be highly skilled and professional. Once again, congratulations to L’institut Jon Raymond for all that you do. I look forward to working with more of your outstanding graduates in the future.


Jennifer Hayden,


I never knew that when I stepped- foot into L’institut Jon Raymond in September 2007 that it would change my life like it did! I was a single mother of a 4 year old, almost 30 years old with 11 years administrative background! I always loved the beauty industry, but fell even more in love with esthetics once I started my journey with Jon Raymond. From the owners, teachers, admin support at Jon Raymond the experience was over and above anything I ever imagined it being! From Discipline, Ethics and of course knowledge of esthetics Jon Raymond teaches you everything. I graduated the first of June 2008 and opened up my own shop in the middle of June! I today am very impressed to have what I have! I am 4 years into my business and have just taken the next step, hiring an employee, another amazing esthetician!

I would recommend Jon Raymond to family, friends and/or complete strangers! Thank you Jon Raymond!

Taralyn Donaher

Just wanted to say thanks so much for a great learning experience last year thanks to my amazing teachers Madame Lemay and Madame Dugay I achieved the highest theory marks for the year from the cosmetology association, thanks again.

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